"When you can combine role-playing action with puzzles, this makes for a very interesting experience. That’s just what you get in Chain Quest, an addictive puzzle game with a nice twist of fantasy role-playing mechanics." - Jeff Byrnes (AppAdvice)

"I can see this being a game you’ll keep coming back to, I couldn’t bring myself to stop playing it!" - Christopher Hannah (AppRecap)

"Combine the addictive nature of match three games with leveling up and battle. Thats right, you get an extremely addicting game called Chain Quest." - Ryan Poolos (Ray Wenderlich Reader's App Reviews)


Chain Quest is an addictive puzzle game with deep RPG mechanics. Every fight is a thrilling puzzle of attack and defense. Connect matching chips with chains to plan your next move. The longer the chains, the more powerful your actions.

Level up as one of three distinct character classes, unlock mighty skills and befriend frightening monsters. Test your mettle in the singleplayer mode or grab a friend and battle on one device! Only if you master all your abilities you will have a chance to be one of the best in Chain Quest! Can you become a champion of the chains?


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